Swedish Rising Talents Oscar & Nisse Drop Party Anthem ‘Fuck It Jag Är Ung’

Oscar & Nisse are fast becoming one of our favourite Tik Tok duos. The pair find humour in awkward language barriers between Swedish and English in their hardware store set videos. The Swedish stars present a sense of outlandishness and bizarre in their unique brand of comedy which has resulted in the Swedish heartthrobs gaining a large following. The pair, made up of Oscar Struck and Nils Nyström, make their first musical foray with original single Fuck It Jag Är Ung (‘Fuck It I’m Young’).

The number written and produced by Jakob Karlberg and Max Johansen crafts a raucous party atmosphere on the high energy pop number with a slight pop-rock edge. The number conjures up the youthful attitude and energy of Samir & Viktor’s early bangers. The handsome stars have charisma and charm by the truckload, and are undoubtedly bound for musical success.

Hopefully this isn’t the only music dropped by Oscar & Nisse. Keep up with them here.

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