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Newly Independent HRVY Delivers Poignantly Heartfelt Single ’25’

HRVY begins a new creative chapter with the release of his freshly released single 25. As he recently celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday, the star finds himself as an independent artist and subsequently releasing the music he wants to. The British star’s new single seems him collaborate with co-writers Albin Clern, Maia Wright and Petter Tarland – with Albin Clern also producing.

The musician shared: “This is my first song as an independent artist and I couldn’t be more excited for the rest of this year. Even though I mention “quarter life crisis” a lot in this song, I genuinely have never felt so positive about the future.” HRVY delivers one of his most soulful vocals on the number, which sincerely talks about the uncertainty of growing older and entering new phases of life.

On transitioning to becoming an independent artist, HRVY previously told followers: “I’ve been in and out of major record deals since the age of 14. That came with many incredible moments but also some pretty dark ones.” He continued “I’ve finally decided to take things into my own hands. I can now put out music and create art that I am truly passionate about, without being told or manipulated into what I’m releasing.”

We’re delighted that HRVY seems to be in a good place and can’t wait to see this exciting new chapter in his career unfold.

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Lead Photo: Gigi Umbrasaite

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