LA Country Crooner Kelly Kidd Is a ‘Cowboy Without a Horse’ On New Track

If you haven’t dug into the discography of rising US country star Kelly Kidd than you are certainly missing out. Kelly has dropped LA country gems including Rodeo Clown and Anatomy of a Heart, many of which we’ve showcased on the site. The star releases new number Cowboy Without a Horse

On the inspiration behind the track, Kelly shares: “We were together 11 years. One week after my break up I wrote & went in to record “cowboy without a horse” knowing my emotions were on a level I had never experienced before. I could barely get thru singing it.” Kelly adds: “Now sitting on the other side of heartbreak- I’m finally ready to release it into the stratosphere. Once a very painful playback – I am grateful to be where I am today. Love is always worth the risk and should/when it comes into play – I’d be willing to saddle up again.”

The new number is a hazy slice of modern country that shines with Kelly’s emotional vocal delivery and raw lyrics.

Connect with Kelly on his Instagram here.

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