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Canadian Country Star Josh Ross Releases New EP ‘Complicated’

Rapidly rising Canadian country talent Josh Ross releases his EP Complicated through Universal Music. The eight track set contains successful singles including Single Again and Truck Girl. Complicated is produced by frequent collaborator Matt Geroux (Trouble, Red Flags, On A Different Night) and represents the last couple years of the performer’s life and anecdotes about his personal experiences.

On Complicated, Josh is cemented as a storyteller with a mastery of the country-rock sound. The star shares: “Finally! I’m stoked to announce a body of work that showcases lyrically who I am as a person, and me sonically as a creative. Like a lot of country fans, I listen to all types of music. I am drawn to different sounds and production depending on what the emotion of the song calls for, and I think that comes across in this EP. Complicated represents who I’m becoming as an artist, and I’m excited for y’all to hear it March 29th.”

Josh picks out new track Matching Tattoos for single release, noting: “Matching Tattoos is very personal to me. It is a song that comes from a real experience I went through a few years ago. I wrote this song on the Nickelback tour this past year and I hope y’all can connect to the emotion of the song as much as I do.”” The number is written by Ross, Joe Fox, Mason Thornley, and Brad Rempel.

Josh will be hitting the road with a number of dates planned. See these here.

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