Rapidly Rising Talent Lynks Sets Pulses Racing On Anthemic Single ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’

Rising talent Lynks combines the pop madness of Sparks with a spirit of punky queer defiance on single NEW BOYFRIEND. The number follows the star’s previous 2023 single USE IT OR LOSE IT, retaining the joyously rebelliously spirit of their previous single. The new single and video coincide with news of Lynks’s upcoming new UK tour dates, scheduled for April 2024.

On their new single, the Bristol based dancepop talent shares: “Look, ultimately I think I’m a fairly smart, reasonable, logical young person. I’ve done therapy. I give excellent dating advice. I know that a healthy breakup is a clean breakup. No footnotes, no P.S., no post-credits sequence shags. And yet the second I’m in the throes of a breakup, all that logic and intelligence evaporates.

They continue: “And I become what I clearly always was; a dog, cosplaying as a well adjusted human man. Unable to resist the stick when someone says ‘FETCH’. I’m not proud of it. But I also don’t think I’m alone. That’s what this song is about – lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-adjusted couples turning into chaotic horny monsters the second they break up.”

Video director Theo Watkins shares: “With the candy-coloured opening to the 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding as our initial inspiration, we aimed for a twisted, old school musical-tinged tale addressing Lynks’s, shall we say, impulsive post-breakup behaviour.”

Lead Photo:@hollyemmw

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