The Iconic Amanda Lepore Releases Long-Awaited New Single ‘Come Closer’

Amanda Lepore returns with new music, her first original release in five years. The number is Come Closer, which the nightlife icon dubs ‘erotic house’, a sultry pop number that sees Amanda amp up her seductive glamourous image against grooving electronic beats.

We are delighted to see Amanda return to music, with the number being her first release through Voss Management. Amanda’s last music was 2018 EP LEPORE which featured bangers such as Buckle Up, My Panties and Too Drunk To Fuck.

Amanda told Yahoo: “I am so excited about my new single releasing on Voss Music this fall. The single is called “Come Closer” and it’s written and produced by Cherie Lily and Bobby Archbold. The genre is Erotic House and I can’t wait to perform it live!”

The cult icon adds: “It’s such a catchy, sexy song and something I can imagine hearing being played in many different scenarios like at a dinner party, an after-hours club, on the runway of a fashion show, a commercial, etc. It’s a great soundtrack for all the dolls everywhere. I hope you love “Come Closer” as much as I do.”

It’s hoped that Come Closer will be part of a new album or EP for goddess Amanda.

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