Bryce Bowyn and Lexie Martin Release Fiery and Euphoric Tribute To DC Nightlife Venue ‘Town’

DC singer-songwriter Bryce Bowyn returns with new single Town. The rising star is accompanied by LA pop talent Lexie Martin on this number which pays homage to the freedom and joy of an unforgettable night on the town, whilst also paying homage to Town Danceboutique, a vibrant gay club that defined an era of queer nightlife in Washington, DC.

“Town was more than just a venue; it was a sanctuary of self-discovery and acceptance,” says Bryce Bowyn. “Lexie and I wanted to craft a song that would sound like a classic Friday night at Town – complete with makeouts, blackouts, and ferocity” 

Lexie Martin shares: “Town was a place my friends and I would go to live our fantasy. Our song’s important because it’s a way to cherish the happiness that Town brought to its patrons. And that’s something worth remembering. We need places like that.”

The track is a fiery pop celebration that celebrates the spirit of community, inclusion and identity. Accompanied with slick high energy production, powerhouse vocals, and a wild euphoric heart, Town is an out and out treat.

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Lead photo: Clarissa Villondo

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