US Singer-Songwriter Max Ehrich Releases Striking New Single ‘BACKROADS’

If Max Ehrich isn’t a name on your lips at the moment, it soon will be. The US-German actor and musician returns with solo single BACKROADS, a slick fusion of pop and R&B flavours which asserts Max as a musical talent to watch out for.

On the new number Max collaborates with Brendan Paul Lynch, Clifford Toft Willingham and Jared Fuller Freedman, with the number crafting a woozy end of summer vibe. The number sees the handsome musician croon about keeping a relationship private on the backroads. Max’s vocals brim with a natural charisma and smoothness, whilst the production feels current and exciting.

Audiences will be familiar with Max’s film and television work including 2023 project Southern Gospel which allowed him to show off these vocal skills. Max has also released previous numbers Somebody Else and Afraid, however we have high hopes that BACKROADS could lead to a full EP or album project.

Photos:  Ryan Jerome

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