John Duff Drops Soulful Up-Tempo Number ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ Complete With High-Camp Video

Baltimore hailing star John Duff delivers a mix of soulful pop and camp excellence in his latest track Somebody’s Daughter. John co-writes the track with Eren Cannata, KOIL and Keymaster with the number celebrating what goes on behind closed doors of a domestic relationship.

The number sees John croon: “Cause you’re just somebody’s daughter / How you gonna splain this to your father? / Is that the same mouth that you kiss your mother? / Somebody taught her…” against smooth up-tempo production from Alex Delicata and Luke Moellman.

The fun is heightened by a slick video that showcases a kinky rendezvous’ between John’s character and Fiona Fonteyn’s character. The video further brings the energy of the number to life like a twisted Douglas Sirk melodrama, whilst also showcasing both star’s beautiful physiques.

Connect with John here.

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