Canadian Star Tyler Shaw Delivers Feel Good Upbeat Pop Anthem ‘Driving’

“You and me driving / Hands in the centre / Talkin’ bout’ how far we’ve come / Riding together / If life is a highway / Love is the weather / One minute it’s coming down so hard / But then it gets better…” Canadian star Tyler Shaw croons on his latest single Driving, a metaphorical pop gem.

“It’s the perfect road trip song for the summer!” Tyler shares with regards to the new track which is written by Ari Hicks, Derek Hoffman and Tyler – with Hoffman producing the easy-going upbeat pop number. Bolstered by powerful percussion, smooth vocals and slick pop production, Driving is a number that is set to delight the singer’s fans.

2022 saw Tyler release his self-titled sophomore album and also his first Christmas collection. Driving may be the first taste of a new album from Tyler but the star has yet to confirm this.

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