Billy Porter Hasn’t Even ‘Broke a Sweat’ On Funky New Single Ahead of ‘Black Mona Lisa’ Album

Billy Porter continues the road to his fall-expected Black Mona Lisa album with Broke a Sweat which follows previous singles Baby Was a Dancer, Fashion and Children. The Pose star continues his run of starry collaborators after working with Jade Thirlwall and MNEK, with his latest track being co-written by hitmaker Justin Tranter.

Broke a Sweat is a funk-infused number with jubilant brass and lyrics of defiance and perseverance, which Billy elaborates on: “There was a phrase that came to my mind which is, ‘Winners write the history,’ and I’ve lived long enough to have rewritten the history for myself. So that was where the morsel of the song came from. And in the pre-chorus, it says ‘Winners, write the history. So baby, I win.’ And I’m very proud of that flex. It’s a flex,” says Porter.

Billy is fresh from touring the upcoming album across the US with fans eager for the star to bring this to the UK and Europe. The release date for Billy’s upcoming pop-dance album is yet to be confirmed but is expected this autumn.

Broke a Sweat is written by Billy Porter, Brandon Colbein, Jussifer and Justin Tranter.

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