The Northern Boys Drop Outrageous Brit Hip Hop Anthem ‘Sexy Train’, Head on UK Tour

British hip-hop legends The Northern Boys reveal their new single Sexy Train featuring some of the band’s best lyrics yet. The trio made up of Pat, Norm and Kev present an up-tempo dance beat from producer Handsome Dexter alongside their expected chaotic party vibes.

The joy of The Northern Boys work comes through the fact with each listen you pick up on another outrageously hilarious lyric. Some corkers in their latest jam include ‘Cause now I kill motherfuckers with my nanotech thighs’, ‘My mate Kev has dementia, He says, “Hi,” and forgets he met ya, His whole life’s an insane adventure, Sometimes he sleeps in the shopping centre‘ and ‘Shoot my load from a tree like Spider-Man‘.

The Northern Boys will be hitting the road in October – but good luck getting tickets, most dates are sold out. Hopefully we’ll have plenty of new music to look forward to before the boys hit the stage.

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