Italian Star Marco Carta Releases 80s Inspired New Single ‘Supernova’

San Remo winning heartthrob, Italian star Marco Carta releases his new single Supernova. Marco co-writes with Francesco Facchinetti, Marco Rettani and Matteo Leva with LE ORE producing. The single serves as a follow-up to Marco’s tracks (Forse) Non Mi Basti Più and Sessio Romantico.

Marco shared: “I sing a love that chases each other over time, also lived in secret, with the fear of being discovered. Over the years, this feeling grows more and more and reaches a point where you realize that when you look into each other’s eyes, the bond is so strong that it releases immense energy and incandescent light, just like it does a supernova.“ [Translated from Gay.It]

The Italian hunk sings atop eighties inspired synths, his charismatic vocals carrying the emotion of the story of repressed love with a dreamy emotion.

Connect with Marco here.

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