Mike Taveira Releases Sizzling Portuguese Inspired Pop Anthem ‘Sujo’

We’ve featured Mike Taveira’s music on the site multiple times over the years and his latest cut Sujo showcases another side to the handsome musician’s growing musical discography.

Sujo is penned by Mike, Jordan Palmer, Paul Mauer and Skyler Cocco with Palmer also producing. It is underpinned by a fado-inspired clapping melody and acoustic guitar, yet brimming with up-tempo summery pop sheen. Lyrically, the singer-songwriter channels a raunchy energy atop the Portuguese inspired production – we wouldn’t expect anything less from a song title that translates to Dirty.

Mike shared: “I grew up dancing in town squares to traditional fado music in a more conservative leaning town in Portugal. With Sujo (and the rest of the songs from the new project like Chained (out now lol!), I wanted to create a very grown up, very queer, very liberated version of the feeling I had dancing to that style of music.” He adds: “This song is about some experiences I’ve had but I don’t want to get reported so I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves.”

Sujo follows on from Mike’s previous single Chained – both are expected to feature on an extended project from the singer-songwriter.

Connect with Mike here.

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