Swedish Pop Talent Velvet Returns With a Slinky 2023 Update of ‘La Isla Bonita’

Turning Madonna’s classic La Isla Bonita into a slinky 2023 dancepop number, Swedish pop chanteuse Jenny Velvet returns. The star who has been sorely missing from the European pop landscape brings her finesse and star quality to the impressive grooving cover version.

The track was originally penned by Madonna, Bruce Gaitsch and Patrick Leonard, released on the singer’s seminal True Blue album in 1986. Velvet’s version is largely faithful to the original, just altering slight elements to bring a contemporary edge to the production. She shared: “Its been a while but now it’s finally time for a new release! Hope you will like the song as much as I do.”

Velvet released her most recent album The Queen in 2009 and his dropped the odd standalone single since then. Hopefully La Isla Bonita signals the future of new Velvet music. She’s been sorely missed!

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