Rising Star O!Dorian Releases Borås Pride Anthem ‘Army Of Lovers’ Featuring Jean-Pierre Barda

Rising musical talent O!Dorian collaborates with the legendary Jean-Pierre Barda on the official anthem for Borås Pride 2023, Army of Lovers. The charismatic talent O!Dorian has already impressed with his high energy anthems Straight, Thunder Kiss and Going to the Mecca and continues to do so with his latest release.

Singing “We are the love revolution / You will obey and adore / We are protectors of freedom / An army of lovers at war,” against pulsating electronic production, O!Dorian (Emil Löfström) co-writes this celebratory, high-energy pop gem with Frans Janousek and Michael Lövgren.

O!Dorian shares the story behind the inception of Army of Lovers: “It was a feature on the morning TV news that inspired Emil Löfström to write the lyrics to the song “Army Of Lovers”. It featured a Russian guy who desperately sought Swedish citizenship due to his sexual orientation. When Emil later was asked by Borås Pride to make this year’s official song as the artist O!Dorian, it turned out that the Russian guy from TV, Vladimir Medvedev, lived in Borås and thus the circle was closed in a very obvious way. “Army Of Lovers” was chosen as the 2023 Borås Pride song and is now the tool in a joint fight for Vladimir to get citizenship and be able to live here in Sweden with his Swedish boyfriend.”

Continuing: “Vladimir left Russia five years ago after being exposed for violence and harassment and now he is threatened with deportation from Sweden. The lyrics for “Army Of Lovers” were written with Vladimirs situation before the eyes, but of course also considering the inhumane conditions that LGBTQ people are forced to live through in many places around the world. The song title is of course also a nod to Emil’s biggest childhood idols, the Swedish group with the same name, who have always stood up for values that defend the rights of LGBTQ people, not least in Russia, where they are still very popular. Therefore, it feels extra good that one of the group’s members actually participates for a small part in the song and the video.”

It’s also a real thrill to hear Army of Lovers star Jean-Pierre Barda on the track, with the musician bringing his iconique brand of charisma and theatricality to the fold on his spoken word contributions.

Watch the official video for Army of Lovers above. Connect with O!Dorian here.

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