Italian Star Michele Morrone Sings Of Toxic Relationships On Grooving New Single ‘Bad Game’

Italian star Michele Morrone delivers his latest single Bad Game, a track blending upbeat rhythms and production, with lyrics taking a darker tone. The track sees Michele delve into the debilitating effects of toxic relationships, amidst a sultry summer groove.

Michele shares: “This song is about addiction to toxic relationships. Personally, I was dependent on a woman in the past that I couldn’t break away from, even though it hurt me a lot. This song is a tribute to the courage people have when making the decision to end a ‘sick’ relationship.”

With production from Cripo, Michele co-writes with Nicola Lazzarin, Michele croons “Sick and tired I’m gonna tell you one more time […] that you will never see me again” against mellow, minimalistic beats. Michele’s rock-tinged vocals help channel the darkness in the lyrics and narrative.

Recent months have seen Michele release standalone tracks Push Me, Angels, Player, Another Day and Beautiful through Universal Music. An album is expected to follow.

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