Ireland’s Brooke Drops New “Sad Summer Banger”, Synthy Gem ‘Being Alone’

Ireland’s Brooke unveils her latest single Being Alone, a searing synthpop number that showcases Brooke’s continually growing star power. The That’s Rich Eurovision star continues her stellar musical track record following up her fan favourite Eurosong winner with fellow banger Come Alive in 2023, with Being Alone adding to this impressive discography.

Brooke describes the track as a ‘sad summer banger’ noting that “I wrote & recorded BEING ALONE when I was Sydney with the amazing James Guido & performed it on stage there for the first time that week, so this song is special as it’ll always remind me of my time in Australia! I really love this one & can’t wait to perform it live, please go stream & learn the words so we can sing it together.”

The Irish star took the track to the Euro Village stage in Liverpool last fortnight with the set showcasing Brooke’s enduring bond with Eurovision fans.

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