Cameron Hawthorn Delivers Danceable Country Number ‘Lone Star’

Country hunk Cameron Hawthorn celebrates the release of new track Lone Star this week. The performer acknowledges his relocation from Kansas to Texas on the number which is co-written with Lena Stone and produced by The Fund.

The grooving, danceable number pairs Cameron’s country vocals with slick production to make the track a clear standout.

Cameron shares: “When Lena Stone brought up writing a song with me called “Lone Star” because I’m a Texan now, I lit up about the idea. Immediately after writing with her, I started seeing the words LONE STAR everywhere around town – on trucks, billboards, storefronts, beer cans (ha). It was like the universe was telling me “this one is going to be special.” I knew I had to take it to my fave boys The Fund …and magic happened.”

The singer accompanied the song with a Wizard of Oz inspired comic strip video which helped the performer fulfil a childhood fantasy. The Kansas born star notes: “Y’all, this was so much fun to create. Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by The Wizard of Oz. The younger me used to sit in front of the TV, singing along with Dorothy to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Maybe it’s because she was a dreamer, maybe it’s because she had those brilliant ruby red slippers, maybe it was the Kansas in me. So now young Cam is living out his boyhood fantasy and I couldn’t be happier to share this video with you.”

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