French Rockers The Blackmordia Recruit Disco Icon Cerrone For New Single ’54’

The Blackmordia slide onto the dancefloor with their new single 54, which is accompanied by a remix from the legendary Cerrone.

Spearheading a new era for the French rock band, 54 sees them celebrate the hedonism and freedom inspired by the disco scene. They share: “It’s about dressing the way you want, feeling sexy, taking drugs, having fun, being free sexually without caring about what others are thinking – In the same way people were living life in the Studio 54 era.

The pop-rock five piece draw inspiration from classic rockers such as Def Leppard as much as they do from electronic pop pioneers such as Daft Punk. Their sound and image is a fusion of rock and pop drawing in influence from the disco scene and glam worlds.

More music and live dates is expected to follow this year.

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