Rising Talent GESS Releases Intoxicating Pop Gem ‘Love Me Down’

GESS has been performing around the UK and Europe as part of Shea Coulee’s The Lipstick Ball with the star getting the chance to deliver his new single to audiences. Love Me Down, which the performer writes and produces, now arrives on streaming services.

Intoxicating with an ear-worming whistling melody, GESS’s seductive vocal displays elements of vulnerability as he asks “Will you love me down…?” against electronic percussion driven production.

GESS shares: “It’s a slightly different GESS sound that still feels authentic and I really love this direction. TBH this song has been on my hard drive for like a year and I had actually spent that year pitching it to managers and other artists in hopes to land my first major song placement. But alas, as the music industry works sometimes you have to just make moves on your own and move at your own pace.”

The rising star continues: “The song was too good to hold onto any longer so I decided to release it to the world myself. As always every share, comment and playlist add makes a HUGE impact for me as an independent artist, so I appreciate all of the above so so much.”

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