Grant Knoche Tries To Keep ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ At Bay On New Single

Grant Knoche continues his winning streak of singles with fresh cut Intrusive Thoughts. The US star co-writes with Gavin Hudner and Jades Goudreault on the track which he also produces.

With a bouncing percussion, slinky electric groove running throughout and Grant’s sultry vocals, Intrusive Thoughts is a slick number that sees Grant turn the charm up to 100% for this sultry pop treat. Crafting an air of scandal and seduction in the lyrics, the Texan crooner sings on the pre-chorus: “Tug on my shirt now I can’t speak / Lips on my neck so I can’t breath / Ring the alarm, it’s a crime scene / If we didn’t get caught / Would you give into intrusive thoughts?”

Intrusive Thoughts follows previous 2023 single Another Reason. Grant is continuing to build an impressive discography for himself showcasing his finesse as a singer-songwriter and pop producer.

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photographer: @devinshotme
digital artist: @retouch_annabel

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