Interview: Melodifestivalen Talent THEOZ Talks Returning to the Contest and New Up-Tempo Swedish Track ‘Mer av dig’

We were fortunate to chat with rising Swedish pop talent Theoz who will be returning to Melodifestivalen with his new single Mer av dig. The performer who made an impressive ascent to the final last year with his track Som du vill will hope to further impress with his latest number on 11 February 2023 in the Saab Arena, Linköping.

Mer av dig is written by Axel Schylström, Jakob Redtzer, Peter Boström, and Thomas G:son.

Theoz chatted to Culture Fix about what to expect from his second Melfest entry, his new album and potentially releasing new English language music. You can read the full interview below.

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Theoz, you’re back at Melodifestivalen! That’s so exciting. What is it about Melodifestivalen that appeals to you as an artist?

It’s one of the greatest thing you can possibly do as an artist in Sweden, and it’s a great opportunity to grow and develop within my artistry.

For those that will be introduced to your music for the first time through Melfest, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

I would describe myself as very open, I love to have a close connection to my fans and to always give it all I’ve got on stage.

Obviously things are top secret regarding Mer av dig at the moment, but can you give us any indication of its sound and the inspiration behind it?

It’s a Swedish up tempo song, just like last year with a lot of energy and dance, however the song and performance is a bit more advanced this year, I believe I stepped it up.

What do you think the advantages of returning to Melfest as a previous entrant are?

An advantage would be that I feel more confident and secure than last year, the only difference is that last year due to the pandemic, every part of the competition was in the same city but now I get to perform in my hometown which is exciting but also a bit nerve wracking. 

How does it feel having Axel Schylström, one of Mer av dig’s co-writers, in competition with you?

He’s a good friend of mine so it feels great to have him around. That way we can support each other when everything comes around. I really appreciate that he wrote me this song just like last year and to have him as a part of my journey.

Will you be getting the chance to do some choreography again with your performance? It was a real highlight of Som du vil – are you a natural dancer?

I would say that it’s even more choreography this year. My love for dance has been a big part of my life since I’ve been dancing since I was about 7 years old.

Do you think Mer av dig will form part of a larger project? An EP or album perhaps?

Yes! Mer av dig is going to be a part of a new album with some old and some new songs. So keep an eye out for that!

What are your earliest memories of Melodifestivalen? Are there any particular performances or entries that stay with you?

I’ve always watched Melodifestivalen since I was a little kid but one moment in particular that stands out would be when Loreen won Eurovision 2012. However the entry that has stuck with me the most is Swingfly with Me and My Drum, that’s my favorite Melodifestivalen song of all time.

We really hope to see you on the Eurovision stage, but thinking of the contest in recent years and its long history, who are some of your all time favourite Eurovision acts?

Besides Euphoria, I really liked last years’ entry from Spain; Chanel with SloMo. Another all time favorite is Alexander Rybak with Fairytale.

You are having amazing success recording in Swedish at the moment. In the future would you consider recording in English also?

Yes! I have already done a few songs in English but right now I’m enjoying singing in Swedish. However I will hopefully record more songs in English in the future to expand my artistry.

Thanks for chatting Theoz. Good luck!

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