Interview: Latvian Pop Sensation Markus Riva On Staying Positive, ‘Supernova’ and ‘Eurovision’

As he heads towards Supernova 2023, Latvian music star Markus Riva took some time to chat to Culture Fix about the contest, his new single Forever, and his varied career so far. Markus will be competing in the semi-final of his home nation’s Eurovision selection process on Saturday February 4th with the hope of making it to the final the following week.

The musician spoke about how he was feeling as he approached the upcoming semi final, shared which of his Supernova entries he felt deserved a little more love, dished on new music, and delved into what he loved more about his home nation of Latvia. Markus also took part our traditional quickfire question round.

Thanks to Markus for taking the time to chat before Supernova. Good luck!

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