Ochman and Kalush Orchestra Combine Talents On Emotive International Anthem ‘Cry For You’

Krystian Ochman and Kalush Orchestra deliver Cry For You, a new collaboration which sees the Poland and Ukraine’s Eurovision talents of last year shine. Constructed by Ochman’s regular producer @atutowy and written by @atutowy, Ivan Klymenko, Malgorzata Uscilowska, Ochman, and Oleh Psiu, Cry For You is a powerful slice of each act’s respective musical pedigree.

With Ochman’s brooding electronic R&B flavours and impressive vocals, paired with the energy and attitude of Kalush’s Ukrainian language rap and folktronica arrangements, Cry For You is an impressively unique piece.

This marks Ochman’s first single since July’s Bittersweet, whilst Kalush have dropped a number of releases including a collaboration with Finland’s 2022 Eurovision entry The Rasmus dubbed In the Shadows of Ukraine.

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