Gregory Dillon Takes Us On a High-Octane Pop Acid Trip With New Single ‘LSD’

Gregory Dillon has done it again with his latest single LSD. The immaculate slice of pop provides a nostalgic, high-energy treat showcasing exactly why Gregory is one of the most exciting up and coming pop talents around these days.

Gregory accompanies his stellar pop jam with a trippy, hallucinogenic slice of perfection in its absorbing visualiser shot by Jake Sofaer. He shares “Can’t believe my first time on psychedelics got recorded on some trippy 90s analog vhs gear.”

On the sentiment behind the number, Gregory notes “I usually feel bold and confident, but LSD speaks to the crash that comes after the bliss. I know u share those emo misunderstood feelings so here is something rad, sad, & simmering w/ ‘i don’t care’ synthpop energy.”

LSD is written by Bruno Pazzi Robles, Gregory, and Jake St. Pierre with production from Gregory and Infaders. Get streaming below and support his pop king.

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