Michele Morrone Tackles Dark Passions and Seduction On Highly-Charged New Single ‘Push Me’

Italian singer and actor Michele Morrone readies his second studio album, following on from his massively popular debut Dark Room, with his latest single Push Me. The highly charged track plays with electronic and R&B flavours as it celebrates the raunchier passions in life and embracing a racier side.

Push Me is written by Emiliano Blangero, Matteo Novi, Oscar Leo-Christensen and Michele. Oscar and Matteo also produce the track; conjuring up Middle Eastern musical flavours in its opening beat before blending racy R&B-tinged pop.

Michele accompanies Push Me with artwork that will likely connect with fans of his high profile role of Massimo in Netflix’s 365 Days series. A press release shares: “Michele Morrone sees the piece as a solemn transition of love – it represents his need to flee from the demons, almost to exorcise them – in order to be able to approach love.”

Push Me will be joined by Angels, Another Day, Player and Beautiful on Michele’s sophomore album, expected at some point in 2023.

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