NFL Star and Singer-Songwriter Blake Proehl Releases Motivational Pop Treat ‘Where You Need To Be’

Minnesota Vikings receiver and singer-songwriter talent Blake Proehl returns with his latest number Where You Need To Be. The single talks about facing uncontrollable challenges and being able to reflect on those challenges once you reach the other side, with Blake bring his impressive sense of heart to the fold.

Blake shared that the song was inspired in an injury which forced a period of reflection. He notes: “During my rookie season on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL last year, a traumatic injury put me at rock bottom, accompanied by a sea of emotions.” He adds “My whole life had been about football up until that point, and my only goal in life was to make it to the NFL – I was devastated and lost, questioning my purpose. Now that I’ve reached the other side of such a dark time, I realize how important it is to be a light for those in similar situations.”

Blake’s gentle vocal shines in the tender emotional lyrics whilst some impressive vocal effects give the track a unique, original sound, whilst full production from Zach Foty further brings the track to life. Blake co-writes with Kaitlin Stark and Rachel Grae.

We chatted to the lovely Blake back in October about his music and football career. Check that out here.

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