Garrett Hedlund Tugs At The Heartstrings With Stellar New Country Number ‘Always Wanted To’

Garrett Hedlund shows the power of great country music in his latest music release. The actor and musician delivers Always Wanted To, one of these country tracks that packs a powerhouse sentiment in an unforced and natural manner as it captures a bittersweet reflection about life’s unfulfilled dreams.

Anchored by the poignant lyric “Even pictures we never take, memories we never make, still fade, I never did all I wanted to do, but I always wanted to…”, Garrett croons against a gentle guitar-driven production from Luke Wooten. Always Wanted To is written by Allen Shamblin, Jordyn Shellhart and Tom Douglas. There’s a natural heart in Garrett’s delivery allowing us to tap into the storytelling of the track and project our own memories and personal meaning onto it.

Garrett shares: “None of the previous songs this year would have come out had Luke Wooten not sent me this song in the spring of 2021. He and I did Everything together for Country Strong, and he sent it asking…” Are we ready to finally do That damn Record together?” I listened. It was So beautiful. It Broke my heart. It made me Smile. It made me Grateful. I said “Luke, if we can put this down… Let’s do it!” And here we are.
Doing our “little thing.” I’ve always written. Always have. Always will.”

Always Wanted To joins Garrett’s growing discography and shines as one of the jewels in the Minnesota born star’s crown.

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