Tik Tok Sensation Able Heart Drops Sexy New Single ‘Whistle’

Able Heart continues to blow up Tik Tok with his independent pop music with his track Whisper becoming something of a viral sensation. The social media heartthrob, real name John Brandon Paciolla, returns with a new track Whistle, a sexually-charged pop banger that stands among some of his best work.

With a grooving melody and ear-worming whistle effect, Whistle is yet another catchy number that proves that Able is a talent capable of crafting a standout pop track. Sultry vocals and oodles of charisma shine from the track which adds to Able’s ever growing discography of banger packed with a sensual imagery.

Able has 160,000 plus listeners on Spotify and has released tracks In the Morning, Body Language, Whisper and Whistle since 2020.

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