Swedish Music Talent Andreas Wijk Drops Beautifully Heartfelt and Transparent New Single ‘if i was gay’

Andreas Wijk releases his latest single if i was gay, a beautifully pitched number that explores the idea of coming to terms with sexuality and the anxiety coming out can bring. Prior to releasing the single, Andreas shared a touching video of the track being played to his parents.

The chorus sees Andreas emotively share: “I’ve never kissed a boy, Would I like the way it feels?, Picturing his face, and I lose a piece of me, Play me all the classic love songs on repeat, None of them talk about what I feel…” The vulnerability in the lyrics captures emotions that many in the LGBTQ+ community will have faced prior to coming out, such as fears of acceptance from family and friends or changing perceptions of who you are. Andreas and co-writer Carl-Philip Ström capture this with a delicacy and quiet conviction.

Before the track’s release, Andreas shared: “I wish I knew that I would be loved if I was gay. 🏳️‍🌈 Growing up I didn’t. The love you’ve been giving me the last weeks have proved me to be wrong.”

Andreas co-produces with Ström, who has also worked with him on past singles including free fallin’ love (with you), let go and now till the end.

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Lead photo: @annikaberglundphoto

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