Rising Pop Hero Matthieu McReina Drops Kaleidoscopic Video For ‘Pale Moon Rising’

If you haven’t relentlessly been streaming Matthieu McReina’s stunning Pale Moon Rising, we hope you have a good excuse. The rising pop talent released the track a couple of weeks ago and it is an immaculately crafted number packed with strong vocals and engaging lyricism – and now a beautifully constructed video.

Directed by Cassie Hunter, the video for the track penned by Matthieu and Redd Carter sees the singer don a variety of outfits from the eye-catching to the seductive and perform the number in an atmospheric desert setting.

Pale Moon Rising sees Matthieu croon “So I walked out the door tonight / My lungs they were breathing fire / Got lost in the devils eyes / Do you believe in god when he hides…” with themes of escapism and temptation shining through in the mysteriously absorbing lyrics.

Pale Moon Rising adds to the handsome creative’s ever-growing discography which includes previous singles Dreams, Don’t Let It Break and Where Do You Find Love?

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