Grant Knoche Sings Of Breaking Free From Secrets On New Single ‘First Hello’

The breakout star of this year’s debut American Song Contest Grant Knoche came out as bisexual earlier this year, and has been coming out to many of his friends and family using his latest single First Hello. Whilst the track does not explicitly centre on the idea of coming out, there is a transferrable appeal in the lyrics which talk of internalising secrets.

Grant shares: “This song is extremely special to me. I couldn’t write these words down for the longest time & one year ago today on 9/8/2021, I finally climbed that wall. A year later, it’s out for the world to hear.” He adds: “If you listen to the lyrics, I don’t mention my sexuality at all. I didn’t write this specifically for that, it’s meant for anyone who has held a secret in for way too long & has gained the confidence to set it free & be yourself.”

With lines including “So I’m counting down / Unlock my cell / And come on out…” the track does have all the makings of a coming out anthem, given an added personal edge through Grant’s own story. Grant pens the track alongside Tayler Buono, producing the number himself. Opening with a breathy vocal, Grant captures the nervous emotions of the coming out process whilst a gentle piano melody underpins the track’s earlier moments, before building to an emotional electronic breakdown by the chorus.

Connect with Grant here.

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