Stewart Taylor Tackles Struggles Of Moving On on Buoyant Pop Number ‘Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk’

Last year we shared Stewart Taylor’s anthemic pop number Cover Boy and now the handsome pop talent returns with Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk – an R&B flavoured pop treat that tackles complex relationships. Written by Charlie Snyder, John Silos and Stewart, the track centres on attempting to move on from an ex.

Packed with energetic electronic production from JohnOfTheForest, Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk draws on Stewart’s personal experiences as he croons “Maybe we shouldn’t talk / Cuz I know what your lips can do / They pull me right back / Pull me right back to you..” capturing the addictive potential of even a “bad” relationship.

Stewart expands on the inspiration behind the track: “Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk was written the moment I realized that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to keep talking to my ex-boyfriend. It can be difficult to maintain boundaries with someone you used to date when you’re still in love with them. But I’ve found sometimes it’s better not to talk when the relationship was as toxic as mine. We still talk to this day (though we’re nicer to each other now) and he even likes the song I wrote about him.”

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