Exclusive Premiere: Rising Musical Talent Robert O’Connor Releases Emotional Dancefloor Delight ‘Been & Gone’

We are delighted to have the exclusive premiere of rising musical talent Robert O’Connor’s latest single Been & Gone. Robert has been a regular feature on the site of the past couple of years with tracks such Save You and his stellar EP Transcendence. Been & Gone is a single that immediately spoke to us thanks to its emotional themes, Robert’s conviction-packed vocals and sharp, dancefloor centred production.

Robert sings “Oh I know I’m the one in the wrong / But you know I never belonged / Now I’m at your door sayin’ so long / Cause our best has been and gone…” in Been & Gone’s chorus which shines through Gareth Shortland’s (Steps, Will Young) impressive sonic arrangements and Robert’s honest delivery. Dublin born Robert shares: “I write songs that everyday people relate to, and no matter the genre, there is always a real story at the core – this one is about meeting someone who makes you question everything.” This story centred approach helps Robert’s work impress by bringing very human themes to the dancefloor.

The song went through various arrangements before turning into 00s flavoured electronic gem that it ultimately became, Robert shares “I brought the lyric and melody to my guitarist Gavin Sheridan, we recorded a bare-bones demo that had a Fleetwood Mac feel to it, and eventually sent it to Gareth Shortland, who assembled this emotionally-charged electronic soundscape that’s inspired by the sounds of Scandipop.”

Producer Richey McCourt (Aimée, Rebecca Ferguson) also impressed with his contributions as Robert adds: “Richey really embraced the song and made little suggestions as we recorded, which I think made it even catchier – I joked to him that he’s a bit of a Max Martin character, he has a real pop sensibility about him.”

“Been & Gone” will be released on November 5, with remixes by Gareth Shortland, Fletz and Sakgra to following on each remaining Friday of the month.

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