Swedish Pop Talent Darin Unveils Gorgeous Emotional New Single ‘Holding Me More’

Darin came back to English language recording with all guns blazing on his silky disco anthem Can’t Stay Away several months ago, but now the versatile star showcases another string to his bow with his latest single Holding Me More. The track, released last Friday, showcases Darin’s emotional vocals against gentle guitar-driven production.

Darin shares: “A personal favourite of mine. It was the first song I wrote with Jamie Hartman, who’s been a big part of my new musical journey. Something happened when I started singing it in the studio. Everything around me kind of just disappeared and everything I was feeling and holding in during that time suddenly came out. I remember feeling like I had been at a therapy session afterwards. It was suddenly all out there and in that recording.” This feeling of disappearing into the gentle musical atmosphere comes across in the woozy guitar melodies and the quiet intimate atmosphere of Holding Me More which shines as one of Darin’s most touching tracks.

“And now you’re holding me more / Holding me more like the first time / The first time / I thought you forgot / I thought you forgot what it feels like…” the handsome Swede croons in the elegant single which is co-written by Darin and Hartman. The latter also produces the single.

We are hopeful that with Can’t Stay Away and Holding Me More a new English language album from Darin is on the way. This would mark his first album in the language since 2013’s Exit.

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