Nico Santos Recruits Family For His Latest Single the Brooding ‘End Of Summer’

R&B flavours dominate End Of Summer, the latest single from European star Nico Santos which sees him collaborate with a variety of talents. Mixing intriguing vocal effects with multi-instrumentation, the somewhat sombre English-language pop track marks the end of the Summer months.

A press release shares: “”End Of Summer” combines classical guitar and piano sounds with atmospheric vocal samples and creates a melancholic melodic sound of its own, to which Nico is saying goodbye to the past. Nico Santos wrote the song not only with his well-known team of Pascal Reinhardt and Joe Walter, but also with Sophie Simmons, the daughter of Gene Simmons, the legendary bassist of the rock band KISS. But even apart from that, “End Of Summer” is a special song.”

Nico co-writes with Pascal Reinhardt, Joe Walter and Sophie Simmons, with Kalli stepping in for production duties. Yet Nico is joined by some collaborators closer to home on the track, sharing: “[End Of Summer is] A song that means a lot to me because my whole family took part. My sister @clarissawellenbrink sings the choirs, my mom plays the electric guitar and my dad the panpipe. This song reminded me and took me back to my childhood from the beginning, so I wanted to show you as much of my childhood as possible!

The single follows Nico’s earlier 2021 release, EP Summer. The singer released self-titled album Nico Santos back in 2020 with a full length follow-up expected in the not to distant future.