Queer Pop Sensation Kieran Armitage Releases ‘God the Save the Queer’ EP

We’ve featured Kieran Armitage’s releases on the site a number of times over the years, with the musician always impressing with his distinctive artistic voice and ear a great pop melody. Kieran does not disappoint with eight brand new tracks dropping today as part of his God Save the Queer EP.

Kieran told us a little about the inspiration behind the set: “The entire project is based around the struggles/realities of growing up as an LGBTQ+ teenager & I wanted to touch up on mental health, toxic friendships, body confidence, vulnerability etc. through a pure polished pop work of art.”

He adds: “Each song is different but the underlying theme keeps the EP connected and consistent. I have a feature with Fixupboy on track no. 7 called “Airplane Mode” which is more Hip-hop influenced, a track called “Nasty” which is very funk driven.” Kieran’s own standout is “the breakup ballad “Lovesick”.

We were lucky enough to hear the EP and have fallen head over heels for it. Nasty opens as a slice of stadium-ready funk with Kieran’s vocals gliding over the up-tempo production with the support of anthemic backing vocals. Malibu Nights feels like Kieran’s love letter to Kim Petras with sexy, soulful delivery and bouncing electronic beats. Lovesick is a refreshing introspective moment which plays with stripped-back R&B piano melodies and hushed vocal delivery. High Times is a hypnotic R&B pop mid-tempo, whilst fuckmeupalittleharder has a whispering ethereal quality. There’s some nostalgic influence on Birthday Suit with marching electronic production with a bristling sexual energy, whilst Airplane Mode has edgy R&B vibes with the blend of Fixupboy and Kieran’s vocal styles creating an intoxicating blend. The set closes with Postcard, a stripped back emotional number brimming with a hopeful optimism.

Connect with Kieran below. Stream God Save the Queer above.