Interview: Malta’s Eurovision 2021 Star Destiny Talks ‘Je Me Casse’, Female Empowerment, and Showcasing Her ‘Fun, Cheeky Side’

We had the pleasure of finding out a little more about Malta’s Eurovision Song Contest 2021 star Destiny who performs in Rotterdam with her song Je me casse. Destiny spoke about last year’s entry All of My Love, her feelings on returning to the contest, and gave us some details about her 2021 entry. It was also lovely to hear Destiny’s tips on making the most of every performance and some of her favourite aspects about her home country of Malta. You can read the full interview below.

Connect with Destiny on her social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and her official website. Destiny will be performing at the end of Semi Final one on the 18th of May.

Culture Fix:  When did you get the news that you would be returning for 2021 and how did you feel when you heard?

To be fair I never thought about this and it was a broadcaster’s decision. I got to know that I will represent Malta again when news broke that Eurovision will happen this year. I was really happy and I am doing my 100% to make everyone happy with their decision, I owe it all to them.

Culture Fix: For those in Europe that are meeting you for the first time through Eurovision 2021, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

I am Destiny, 18 years of age. A girl with big hopes and bigger dreams. I am focused on what I do and keep pushing and working towards my goals. Needless to say, I make sure that I am surrounded with the best people that help me grow and achieve the end result.

Culture Fix:  All of My Love, your entry for 2020, was such an incredible standout from last year. Is it bittersweet for you that the song never received the traditional Eurovision experience?

Not at all. All of My Love is a great song and I love it as it showcases a side of my voice and a side of me that I do love, but, having said this, hadn’t it been for the pandemic and Eurovision 2020’s cancellation, the world wouldn’t have got to know my latest baby, Je Me Casse.

Culture Fix: Did you feel a bit of pressure trying to find the perfect song for 2021 after the love that the Eurovision community felt for All of My Love?

Not at all. I am surrounded with the best people in the industry and I was more than sure that we will choose a great song together. I am happy with the outcome and look forward to what’s next.

Photo Credit: Dunskie Borg

Culture Fix: How would you describe the central message or themes as ‘Je me casse’?

Empowerment and the fact that unfortunately enough, women tend to be perceived by society (consciously and unconsciously)  as a weaker sex. That is not true and if we take a look at the women around us who made history in some way or another, we realise that with little empowerment and guts, women will achieve greatness. The message is of course to all women out there who are struggling and finding it difficult to rise to the occasion and make their dreams come true. 

Culture Fix: Did you always plan on going up-tempo for your 2021 entry or could you have been swayed by a ballad?

A ballad showcases my vocal strength but I wanted to show the world a different side of me – the cheeky, fun side.

Culture Fix: There’s a real sense of that female empowerment in the video. Can you tell me a little about the process of constructing the music video and its flawless dance routines?

It’s all thanks to my creative director, Steven Levi Vella and his team. The music video was shot in 2 days and showcases various powerful women throughout the ages in a fun and cheeky way. I love the creative twist we gave to everything in that video. I also loved working with the team behind it, it’s always a pleasure working with like minded individuals.

Culture Fix:  With your experience of performing to international audiences through platforms like Junior Eurovision and BGT, do you still face nerves? Do you have any tactics to prepare for a large scale performance – especially when you are the bookmakers favourite?

When I perform, even in the biggest of competitions, I only focus on three things – have a good time, make new friends and give my 100% on stage. What happens after, even a trophy, is an added value to a great experience. Whilst odds are there, I don’t take notice. I focus on myself and delivering a great product. That’s what matters.

Culture Fix: Have you managed to shoot your ‘At Home’ performance yet? Have you tried to make this as similar as possible to the way your staging would be in Rotterdam?

Yes we did, that’s why I travelled to Bulgaria recently. Restrictions made it difficult to make it similar but I guess that the end result is a good plan B.

Photo Credit: Carlton Agius

Culture Fix: Can you share some of your favourite things about your home nation of Malta? Hopefully the host country of Eurovision 2022!

Malta is the warmest of places. It has the best of everything – history, culture, activities, food and the list goes on and on. One has to travel to Malta at least once in their life. Re. being the host of Eurovision 2022 – that is a long shot and depends on many factors that are beyond me, whatever happens, if you’re reading this.. go on book a flight, we will make your stay a memorable one.

Culture Fix: Have you had the chance to listen to any of your fellow 2021 Eurovision entries? Are there any standouts for you so far?

I heard all songs and all songs have a unique selling point in some way shape or form. I don’t think that I am the right person to choose and I know how hard it is to arrive to the level of representing your country in the Eurovision Song Contest so all I can say is that I look forward to meet all artists and enjoy the stay in Rotterdam together.

Culture Fix: Who are some of your all time favourite Eurovision artists?

There are too many to mention but I have to say Mahmood and Duncan Laurence. 

Thanks to Destiny and her team for organising. Good luck on May 18th!