S.C. Undercover Drops Flamboyant R&B Pop Treat ‘Sex Me Like U Want 2’

With a title sounding like a Prince classic, S.C. Undercover drops a sultry R&B-pop gem called Sex Me Like U Want 2. The track establishes S.C. as a truly exciting figure in the pop world, with the track showing an ear for a great pop hook and an artistic production style.

With vibrant sounds hooking us in thanks to immaculate bouncing production and S.C’s rich falsetto vocals, Sex Me Like U Want 2 veers down a truly original route. Sonically fascinating, the track verges onto an artistic breakdown around the 2 minute 40 second mark, taking us through a hypnotic dreamworld where S.C’s vocals truly charm against minimalist production.

The handsome singer notes: “Music is universal to me, regardless of genre, I want to be known as an artist to hold commercial success in a variety of different genres.” This is clear from the way that S.C dips from R&B to pop to more artistic avenues in the track’s latter act. The Walsall born singer adds: “The track narrates the reality that once the party is over and the sober feelings come rushing back in, you may be sat with the past and emotions you hide when you’re out having fun.”

With smooth pop vocals, intriguing lyrical content, and a fascinating production style, we are massively excited about S.C’s future as a pop artist.

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