Barcelona-Based Queer Pop Talent FRIEDRIICH Returns With ‘Don’t Blame Me’

Spanish queer pop talent Friedriich was recently featured with his single Live and Forget, but now he returns with new track Don’t Blame Me. The pop-rock track features Friedriich’s Spanish-accented vocals singing across powerful electric guitar and catchy melodies. The singer tells us the song is “about destructive relationships and emotional walls.”

“There you go, running away from my behaviour. There you go, another race I won’t be running for,” Friedriich sings on the track which centres on the challenges of relationships and expressing yourself in relationships. The singer tells us the personal meaning within the track:

“I have never been able to demonstrate my feelings to my closest relationships this is the most healing process I have ever experienced. I think my music can be very relatable to people out there that are being criticized because they cannot express themselves properly or being intimidated because people think that they don’t have emotions.”

Friedriich’s big inspiration for the track is hope is a dangerous thing for women like me to have – but I have it from Lana Del Rey and Teen Idle from Marina.

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