Rising Queer Pop Star Florian Rose Delivers Melancholic Arcade Anthem ‘8bit Dreams’

Lo-fi indie artist Florian Rose has dropped his second single, 8bit Dreams, a melancholic slice of pop centred on escaping through retro video game nostalgia. The track follows Florian’s debut, Pomegranate Boy, which has gone on to amass near 1.5k streams on Spotify – an impressive feat for a new artist writing, composing, and producing their own work.

With an intimate production style laced with 8-bit sounds, Florian’s sophomore track feels like the soundtrack to an Atari game by the way of Italians Do It Better. Florian notes the song is centred on “strong yearning for a different world and the desire to find a helping hand to ease the burden of mundane struggles.”

He adds: “even though you’ll always be the main character in your story, sometimes it feels like you want someone else to be the Player One, to help you fight your fights while you take on a supporting role. This human experience of wanting relief is the song’s core.”

8bit Dreams is a unique, woozy slice of pop music from an intriguing new lo-fi talent. Drawing you in through its dreamy video game soundscape and Florian’s gently inviting vocals, 8bit Dreams is sure to capture the success of its predecessor.

Connect with Florian below:

Instagram & Facebook: @florianrosemusic
Twitter: @florianroses