Musical Episode of ‘Dynasty,’ ‘Something Desperate,’ Is a New Peak for the CW Reboot

We’re a little bit behind with the CW’s Dynasty reboot with the third season only hitting Netflix this month. International viewers patience is paid off with the series arriving in one large chunk – and whilst we will admit our reaction to the series so far has been somewhat lukewarm, it has grown on us since our initial review. We have come to the sad realisation that other than a few character names and location names, CW’s Dynasty is a very different beast to the iconic Dame Joan Collins starring original series.

Centring more on Elizabeth Gillies’s Fallon is a sensible move – as she is undoubtedly the most engaging cast member in the show – especially since the departure of Nicollette Sheridan’s Alexis. The show has morphed in to a sass filled tale of female empowerment – The Adventure of Fallon Carrington – with the linchpins of the original series Blake, Krystle and Alexis relegated to throwaway supporting characters. If you can get over the fact that the CW’s show is unlikely to throw this classic trio into the high camp melodrama, there are some moments of fun to be had.

Fun is the number one thing on the table in the Halloween debuting fourth episode of Season 3, Something Desperate. The episode sees Fallon attempt to come to terms with the fact that her fiance Liam has forgotten her due to amnesia in doing so she’s faced with numerous musical performances from those nearest and dearest to her. It doesn’t make much sense but anyone who has watched Dynasty will know that the original show peaked with its outlandish storylines (e.g. George Hamilton’s Joel Abrigore and Krstyle lookalike Rita’s kidnap plot, or the historic Moldavian Massacre).

Something Desperate saw Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and son Adam (Sam Underwood) tackle Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World – a jaw dropping moment that will hit viewers not expecting a musical episode hard. There’s massive comic appeal in this moment watching the mix of disgust, horror, and shock on Fallon’s face as her father and brotherly adversary begin crooning. Gillies tackles Against All Odds as a solo number and showcases her impressive vocal chops (a little similar to Faith Hill we thought). The gorgeous Rafael de la Fuente’s Sammy Jo tackles You Can’t Hurry Love and brings some high energy fun. Our highlight is however the full cast rendition of Talking Heads’ classic Burning Down the House.

Watch these high camp performances below. Dynasty Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix internationally.

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