Benjamin Ingrosso Unleashes Outstanding New Single ‘Shampoo’

Benjamin Ingrosso continues to impress with his latest single Shampoo. The uptempo anthem was duo to be released last week but the Swedish pop star decided to postpone this to help keep focus on the international Black Lives Matter protests taking centre-stage across the globe.

Shampoo is written by Markus Sepehrmanesh, Aron Bergerwall & Benjamin and centres on the anticipation and excitement of having a date or significant other over to your place. The sexy anthem sees Benjamin sing “You’re comin’ over, it’s so hot outside, And my AC ain’t been workin’ since last July, I made coffee affogato that won’t cool us down, Then do just what I do.”

Shampoo follows Benjamin’s previous single The Dirt – which was his first with an imagined narrative. The handsome Swedish star released his debut album Identification back in 2018 and has followed this with numerous standalone singles.

Listen to Benjamin’s Shampoo above,

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