Eurovision: Dima Bilan Releases New Album ‘Reboot’ (Перезагрузка)

Eurovision icon and Russian pop maestro Dima Bilan returns with a brand new studio album this week. This follows Dima’s 2017 album Egoist and takes the title Reboot (Перезагрузка). The Russian language LP features previous single Midnight Taxi which we featured last October.

The Believe singer has released numerous singles from the album so far including: Океан, Полуночное такси, Про белые розы, and Химия. The singer opts for nostalgic eighties infused synthpop on the album – somewhat similar in style to his 2017 release.

You can see the full tracklist for the album below – including his duet with Russian singer Polina:

1. Океан (Ocean) 
2. Там за рекою лес (There Is A Forest Beyond The River) 
3. Весна (Spring) 
4. Химия (Chemistry) 
5. Полуночное такси (Midnight Taxi) 
6. Космос (Space) 
7. Про белые розы (About White Roses)
8. Сон мой (My Sleep)
9. Не давай нам вернуться назад (Don’t Let Us Go Back)
10. Неоновая ночь (Neon Night)
11. Молния (Lightning)
12. Пьяная любовь (Drunken Love) by Дима Билан (Dima Bilan) & Polina 
13. Лови мои мечты (Catch My Dreams) 
14. Навечно (Forever) 
15. Взрослые люди (Adults People) 
16. Я тебя отвоюю (I Will Win You Back)