Music: Brendan Maclean Releases ‘Easy Love’

Australian singer-songwriter Brendan Maclean floored us with his stellar sophomore album And the Boyfriends in 2019. The set featured the stunning altpop anthem Hibernia and the quietly brilliant Tenderness. Brendan wastes no time in unleashing new single Easy Love which hit streaming services last Friday.

The track was written and recorded in Brooklyn with Brendan’s regular collaborator and friend Alex Suarez (Lefti). The nu-disco anthem marks a change from the introspective sound of Maclean’s last album, The singer noted: “It’s lovely to goof around after the much more introspective album that was ‘And The Boyfriends’. But I think I’ve fetched my bolt-cutters for the moment, as it were.”

Get your isolation disco on a stream Easy Love below.