EdFringe 2019 Review: Two Hearts: The Comeback Tour

Two Hearts: The Comeback Tour 

Rating: ★★★★
Venue: Underbelly Cowgate

After their 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe run, New Zealand comedy pop duo Two Hearts come back for their… comeback. Two Hearts: The Comeback Tour brings fast-thinking comic banter and well-written parody pop for an evening of energetic comedy.

Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore make up Two Hearts who come to Edinburgh’s Underbelly Cowgate venue to perform the latest show in their comeback tour. They note they are used to stadium gigs, but are happy enough to perform under a leaky converted bridge in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Performing to an audience of ‘baby boomers’ the group deliver their ‘biggest hits’, with only their relationship problems to get in the way.

Daniel and Moore have a fantastic dynamic and sell the image of the Two Hearts phenomenon with the utmost conviction. Their relationship is sparky with an air of competition between them – with Daniel often shooting down Moore’s audience banter or calling him out on his faux pas. This dynamic is almost as entertaining as the hilarious, well-written comic pop songs which make up the bulk of the show.

Amongst the ‘hits’ performed by Two Hearts include future classics: Slutty Ghost (a ferocious track about promiscuous ghosts “Wake up in the morning surprised you gotta bonah, that’s cause a slutty ghost is riding up on ya'”), a hilarious Daniel lead track about PMS, the nostalgic and amusingly self-aware 2001 (nothing bad happened in 2001…), and an anthem about continuously buying as many reusable bags as possible to prevent further climate change damage. Further comedy comes from Daniel’s ‘going solo’ track Boy Soup – about being the only girl in a Jacuzzi with eight platonic male friends in wine country – and the hilarious reggae-tinged number about the destructive nature of Baby Boomers. Daniels and Moore inventively stage these tracks with well-pitched visuals, makeshift props, costume changes and provocative back up dancers.

Two Hearts: The Comeback Tour is a high-energy comic treat. Daniels and Moore deliver intelligent, amusing tracks and have an on-stage dynamic that proves utterly irresistible. This is an absolute delight.

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