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Norway’s Margaret Berger Delivers Icy Synth Smash ‘Karma Is a’

Her dark synth gem Oblivion was a firm favourite of fans of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, and whilst the number wasn’t the country’s chosen entry for Eurovision, it catapulted Margaret Berger back into the consciousness of pop fans. Margaret has teased she has a few new tracks coming this Summer, these follow on from the freshly dropped Karma Is a.

Released through Warner Music Norway, the number is written by Anders Kjær, Magdalena Konefal, Margaret Berger, Povel Olsson and Robin Mortensen Lynch, with production from Anders Kjær. Karma Is a is underpinned by an intoxicating electronic beat which shimmers with a meticulous cool and Margaret’s elegant vocal. Margaret shared with fans: “It’s popmusic. Not rocket science. Hope you love and dance.”

The musician shares: “For me, “Karma is a…” is about liberation. About letting go of thoughts about what others think of you. There is so much power in all of us, but then we let other people’s opinions hold us down. Let go of regret, grudge, revenge and anger, take a swing, and know that Mother Universe will fix the steak for you.”

Margaret is fondly remembered by fans after achieving fourth place when she represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, with the song I Feed You My Love.

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