Photo: Robin Hunter Blake

Alfreda Captivates With Classic Pop Number ‘Lipstick’ Channelling Old Hollywood Glamour

Alfreda Maxwell is a star on the rise, as her truly charming new number Lipstick asserts. The number penned by the singer-songwriter and George Petrie channels the retro glamour of old Hollywood with contemporary soul and electronic pop sounds to create a distinctively fresh original sound. Lipstick is produced by Moses Van Den Bogaerde and is part of Alfreda’s upcoming Mother’s Makeup EP project, set to blend classic pop sounds with electronic synth-based flavours.

The rising talent shares: “Old Hollywood musicals like ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ inspired this song. One song in particular, was Dean Martin’s version of ‘You’re Nobody til Somebody Loves You’ released in 1960. I was drawn to the glamorous old Hollywood tone. The women’s goal in these movies tends to be love and finding their home in another man. This song is written from the perspective of someone who grew up wholeheartedly believing these ideals, and then starts to question them.”

Whilst this is Alfreda’s first release in four years, the star has maintained a impressive residency at London’s House of KOKO, becoming one of the cabaret world’s premiere talents. With no end to her talents, Alfreda also directs the track’s video, capturing shades of the darkly enigmatic world of David Lynch.

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Photo: Robin Hunter Blake

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