US Star Jake Miller Shines On Heartfelt Pop Number ‘If Heaven Could Share You’

US star Jake Miller continues to thrive as an independent artist with the star releasing stellar new single If Heaven Could Share You.

The number is a poignant one written by Anthony Alec Russo, Jake Miller, Marissa Viscomi and Will Ventres – with Jake and Will also producing the track’s delicate production. In the beautiful lyrics which capture the idea of spending a little more time with a departed loved one, Jake sings: “If heaven could share you / Share you for just one day / If I could just hold you / Hold you like nothings changed / Yeah I just wanna walk / Hold your hand and talk / Before they take you away…” The lyrics tap into emotions that any who have experienced grief or loss will undoubtedly connect to.

Jake has continued to show himself as a star of versatile talents – shining on more introspective numbers like If Heaven Could Share You, whilst also soaring with bigger pop moments such as the pop-punk hit Happy Pill.

Connect with Jake here.

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